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Eagle Wings Theater Company Soars with Premier of 

The Matty Matthews Foundation  

A Celebration of Cash’n Carry Politics

New Work on Old Tricks Opens at 2014 Capital Fringe Festival


OK OK ...  Are you ready for this?  You really ready?  Matty Matthews is starting a foundation. Matty, the utility infield political fixer, made his living by delivering envelopes of cash to Congressional candidates around the country during their honest and hard fought campaigns.  He knew how to get money from lobbyists for his patrons in Congress, and he knew how to pass out the money to struggling candidates. His pockets were filled with envelopes of cash, with IOUs and UOMEs. But the small world that Matty had mastered was quickly disappearing with a new kind of political fundraising he didn’t recognize. Now in his waning days, he wants to start a foundation to teach young people how democracy really works, his way, for “the good of the people.”

 The Eagle Wings Theater Company presents the premier of The Matty Matthews Foundation at the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival. The play’s five characters have big ambitions, small visions, and dreams far beyond their reach. Yet they pursue their dreams oblivious to the ethical implications and societal consequences.  

Matty is a great guy to be around. He always has a story, and always knows somebody you know, someplace” said author John McGrath.  “He helps his patrons, whoever they are at the time, and gets the job done.”  But Matty has a serious blind spot. He never asks the big questions: Whose money is it? Where did it come from?  What is it doing? Is this right?

 Never mind that. Before it’s too late, Matty wants young people to learn his grand achievements: moving cash to political candidates, paying reporters to squelch damaging stories, buying small favors in Congressional districts to help one of the boys.  “It’s America says Matty “It’s how the system works, and if we lose this, we lose a great American tradition.”

 Thanks to Matty and friends, it’s not lost, but flourishes in ways they could never imagine. It turns out that they’re just a few of the bit players in the grand tradition of pay-to-play politics. These are the people who work hard, play by the rules (their rules), and get ahead.  Ra ta tat ta. The beat goes on.


The Matty Mathews Foundation - A production of the Eagle Wings Theater Company premiers at the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival.


Warehouse Theater

645 New York Avenue NW

Washington DC 

One half block from Washington Convention Center  Between 6th and 7th street on New York Ave.  From Convention Center, walk east along NY Ave.one-half block to 645 New York Ave. Theater entrance at the back of the parking lot.


July 13           1:15 PM

July 17           6:15 PM

July 19           8:30 PM

July 23           8:00 PM

July 27           4:15 PM


An award winning cast of experienced actors create an exciting day in the half imaginary, half real world of Matty Matthews. The cast includes Bill Hurlbut (Mattyan experienced actor with credits that include drama, comedy, musicals, and the classics. He is a frequent performer at Silver Spring Stage and received an Excellence in Acting award at this year’s Eastern States Theatre Association one-act festival. Bill has trained in New York City at HB Studios and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in theater from Miami University and a Master of Arts in theater from Ohio State University.  He and fellow actor Jack Wassell, who plays Mike, reached the finals in the 2014  Mid Atlantic dramatic competition.  Also in the cast is Adrian Vigil who studied drama at the Honors Acting Conservatory at the Theatre Lab School of Dramatic Acts.  His credits include playing Bobby in North of Providence, Little Charles Aiken in August: Osage County, as well as many staged readings. Carol Calhoun joins the cast after playing several roles in community theater with the Rude Mechanicals, the Chevy Chase Players, the Wooster (Ohio) Community Theater, and the Alexandria Parks School Theater in London.   Malcom Stokes returns to the stage after a three year hiatus in Los Angeles focusing on his film career.  He studied theater at New Mexico State University. This is his first play in the D.C. area.

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