The innovative Eagle Wings Theater Company was formed in 2013 to explore through drama ways that individual choices can affect the larger community.  

When  asked "How can theater function as a tool of social change?", playwright Tony Kushner (Pulitizer Prize for drama 1993, Tony Award for best play 1993-94, and a national medal of the arts 2013, ) responded "I used to think that only explicitly political theater, which openly addressed political subjects and perhaps only addressed such subjects in formally radical, experimental ways, had any hope of being of use to political progress.   I no longer believe that."  He went on to say that "Work that wears its politics proudly energizes me.  Work that speaks clearly, intelligently, with sophistication about a social issue, political problem, or history…teaches me, entertains me, rejoins me with the community I most want to belong to, the part of human society that is politically progressive and actively involved in making change." {Theater 31.3- 2001 (62-93)}.  

Eagle Wings' one act play, the Matty Matthews Foundation, addresses an important issue, cash'n carry politics.  None of the characters are evil, venal, or hurtful but each one of them make a series of decisions that seem inconsequential but taken together can have a major impact not only on themselves but on others. The five characters have big ambitions, small visions, and dreams far beyond their reach.  Yet, they all pursue their dreams oblivious to the ethical implications and societal consequences. 


Our Story

After a long history of creating and promoting community health and wellness program, founders Karen Donato and John McGrath turned their attention to the theater as a forum for important questions.

John McGrath is the director for Eagle Wings Theater Company productions.  He is also the author of the company’s current production, the Matty Matthews Foundation.  His first one act play, performed in New York, tracked the relationship between two ancient historical figures, Herod Antipas and John the Baptist.  In this docudrama, Herod, who arrested John, became fascinated with John’s world view.  After many long days of discussion between Herod and John in his prison cell, Herod actually thought John had become his friend.  When he discovered otherwise, Herod chopped his head off.

Early in his career John was the manager of a college theater group in New York City.  He played the role of Lucentio in Taming of the Shrew and the role of Lysander in Midsummer Night's Dream, and arranged a tour of both productions to NYC area high schools.  He also played the role of Tony in The Boyfriend.  He served as Executive Director of Washington Independent Writers.  In recent years, John has created strategic communication plans and programs for private organizations and the government and has created a media literacy curriculum for young people. 

John is a graduate of Fordham University and has a doctorate in communications from the University of Maryland.

Karen Donato, Eagle Wings Theater Company Executive Producer,  has created a series of national community education programs for children and families that focus on healthy choices, good food, and plenty of physical activity.   The WE CAN!  program has reached parents, caregivers, children and youth in communities across the country.   She has also worked with community organizations to create Hearts N’ Parks  a multi pronged program that works with national and regional parks and recreation centers as sites to encourage healthy choices.  A graduate of the Harvard School of Public Health, Karen brings a strong background of performance under a variety of venues.  She is the producer of the Eagle Wings Theater Company’s new play, the Matty Matthews Foundation.